Do you feel comfortable and confident in the wilderness?

We teach a concept called bushcraft survival. These skills blend modern technology and old world knowledge to allow you to explore the wilderness confidently.

By learning to listen to nature and being prepared, we can enjoy our vast Canadian wilderness while avoiding trouble in the first place.

  • We can tailor courses to your needs and current skill set
  • Winter/summer courses
  • Corporate team building
  • Youth camp counselor training
  • Family courses
  • Individual instruction

Sample course topics include:

  • Building a bushcraft survival kit
  • The safe and effective use of bushcraft tools
  • Wilderness vs. emergency shelters
  • Wild fire and the art of making and maintaining fire
  • Intro to plant identification and other edibles
  • Staying found: route finding and signaling
  • Wild water: finding it and making it safe
  • Winter skills: what to do the other six months of the year

Course topics vary based on students’ interests.

Who are we?

We are a couple of guys who love to be out in the wilderness. We started teaching these courses on the weekends as a way to share our knowledge and practice our skills. We offer planned courses, but we also like getting out to the woods with just a few people to share knowledge. If you’re interested in bushcrafting with us or practicing your skills, get in touch. Individual instruction is something we enjoy, and we can build on your existing skills.

A short video of who we are and why we do this

Video by Sean Perrun. Filmed Feb 2016 in Manitoba.


Contact us to find out about upcoming courses

Canoeing across Canada III

Another weekend course for the Byway Babes group as they prepare to canoe across Canada next summer. This weekend we went into more advanced shelter building (aimed at colder weather) and did some exercises in orienteering and navigating by landscape. Read from the student’s point of view with “Bushcrafting With Borealis II” by Kendra at