Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Borealis Bushcraft is:


I was raised in St.Vital, Winnipeg, Manitoba, and participating in Scouts sparked a life long affection for the woods. I have backpacked and climbed for over 20 years in remote areas and over this period through trial and error developed the skills to live in the woods comfortably and confidently. I am now tasked with passing these skills down to my daughter and teaching Bushcraft is just what I like to do.


Jon Jon

Raised in rural northern New Brunswick, I’ve spent months at a time living out of doors. I’ve been homeless and relied on my bush skills to see me through. I’ve done canoe trips, tree planting and even some logging. I understand the hard work of wilderness living and I enjoy every minute of it. I learned most of my basic skills from my father, and a lifetime of trial and error has left me more comfortable in the woods than anywhere else.