Canoeing across Canada III

Another weekend course for the Byway Babes group as they prepare to canoe across Canada next summer. This weekend we went into more advanced shelter building (aimed at colder weather) and did some exercises in orienteering and navigating by landscape. Read from the student’s point of view with “Bushcrafting With Borealis II” by Kendra at

Harvest Moon Festival workshop

Borealis Bushcraft ran a workshop at the 2015 Harvest Moon Festival on Saturday, Sept 19. Find out more about the festival at

Bushcraft Basics: The Art and Science of Making Fire

Scenario… You are on a multi day canoe trip, paddling most of the 2nd day through light rain. Late in the afternoon the wind picks up and both you and your companion are starting to get cold and miserable. In fact you notice that your friend is starting to shiver, one of the first signs of hypothermia. You make the decision to stop for the day. The forest is wet and you are cold; can you get a fire going? Duration: 1.5 hours.

We had a great time at this wonderful festival. Here are some photos of the workshop. Looking forward to next year!