Intro to Bushcraft Multi-day Course

Three-day weekend course offered in Spring, Summer or Fall.

Topics of Instruction: Philosophy of Bushcraft and how it blends with Wilderness Survival. Fire Making and Maintaining it (both modern and primitive methods). Shelter building, Finding Water and making it pure. Basic direction finding, Safe and efficient tool use, and much much more. Instruction will be mostly hands on with some fire side lecture and lots of open forum discussion. Admittedly we have a non-linier teaching style. By the end of the weekend you will have navigated in the dark, built and slept in your own primitive shelter, started a fire by primitive means, cooked on said fire and found and purified water.

Maximum number of students is 6.

Cost for three days of great fun and learning…$250.00.

Course is offered when we have enough interested students. Once a date is set, a non-refundable deposit is required to secure your spot.

There is a mandatory equipment list for those attending.

Please contact us to find out when the next course will be offered.